2009/2/17 Christopher Jones <christopher.jo...@oracle.com>:
> Jérôme Loyet wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I used to use oci8 version 1.2.3 and I wanted to update to last
>> version (1.3.4). Everything works fine except the fact that
>> "sqlnet.ora" does not seems to be read.
>> I use the following string to describe my database in oci_connect:
>> "MEN1PRD".
>> In sqlnet.ora there is the parameter NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN which is set
>> to "WORLD".
>> In the tnsname.ora I have a full definition for "MEN1PRD.WORLD".
>> With oci8 1.2.3, it worked but since I upgraded to 1.3.4 this is not
>> the case anymore. I have to use the same ID in oci_connect and
>> tnsname.org. The sqlnet.ora NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN does not seem to be
>> used anymore.
> Where are your network files located and how you tell PHP where to
> find them.  Do you set ORACLE_HOME or TNS_ADMIN?  Where are they set?
> At a wild guess, perhaps you are using putenv() in your scripts -
> which is never recommended.  See page 106 of the current (1.5) version
> of
> http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/php/pdf/underground-php-oracle-manual.pdf
> on how to set environment variables.

sorry I forgot some intel:

My init script where the ENV are set:

export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/local/oracle/VERSIONS/Linux/CL.9.2.0
export HOSTNAME=`hostname`
export LC_ALL=fr_FR
export LANG=fr_FR

Php is loaded by apache as a module
OCI8 is compile into PHP and is not a shared module

As I explain it before, nothing as changed but the OCI8 version. The
ENV var are set the same way.


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