(I hope I am posting to the PHP databases mailing list. I have tried getting automated help and contacting the list owner, but I just get weird automated replies. If I am not going about this correctly, do let me know.)

I have read with interest about the new mysqlnd library, which is an alternative to libmysql. The PHP manual seems to recommend the use of mysqlnd in preference to libmysql. Therefore I'd like to use it. In the process of installing PHP 5.2.8 on Windows XP, I enabled all three of the MySQL extensions (MySQL, Mysqli and PDO MySQL). This has caused libmysql.dll to be placed into my PHP directory. There was no option to install mysqlnd.dll instead, and indeed this file does not seem to exist in the .msi file. So how do I get it and install it?

The MySQL web page http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/php-mysqlnd/ states that I can get the Windows binary at http://php.net, which is about as helpful as saying that I can find my needle in that haystack. I have searched php.net, and cannot find a download for mysqlnd.dll.

Thanks for your help.

Eddie Eyles

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