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> Hello,
> (I hope I am posting to the PHP databases mailing list.  I have tried
> getting automated help and contacting the list owner, but I just get weird
> automated replies.  If I am not going about this correctly, do let me know.)
> I have read with interest about the new mysqlnd library, which is an
> alternative to libmysql.  The PHP manual seems to recommend the use of
> mysqlnd in preference to libmysql.  Therefore I'd like to use it.  In the
> process of installing PHP 5.2.8 on Windows XP, I enabled all three of the
> MySQL extensions (MySQL, Mysqli and PDO MySQL).  This has caused
> libmysql.dll to be placed into my PHP directory.  There was no option to
> install mysqlnd.dll instead, and indeed this file does not seem to exist in
> the .msi file.  So how do I get it and install it?
> The MySQL web page 
> http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/php-mysqlnd/states that I can get 
> the Windows binary at
> http://php.net, which is about as helpful as saying that I can find my
> needle in that haystack. I have searched php.net, and cannot find a
> download for mysqlnd.dll.
> Thanks for your help.
> Regards,
> Eddie Eyles
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The docs state that it is part of the php 5.3 release, not the 5.2.8



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