This is the page called

        #phpinfo(); # phpinfo displays the correct info.

        $sqldb    = $_POST["sqldb"];
        $sqluser  = $_POST["sqluser"];
        $sqlpass  = $_POST["sqlpass"];
        $sqlhost  = $_POST["sqlhost"];

        $link = mysql_connect($sqlhost, $sqluser, $sqlpass);

    What happens if I somehow hit the page directly instead of through
    the previous page's form? There are no $_POST variables.

Then you would need to redirect the user to the form page to get the data from the user. Or create an application account that the rest of the application would use. Frankly there is no way that I would ever ask the user for the credentials, if they need different user accounts, I would create each one on the server and allow the application to control what accounts are used.

I was suggesting that was the cause of the problem (no post variables). I'd ask a user for the details during an install phase of an app, but that's it.

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