With PHP 5.3 the "nowdocs" syntax will make quoting SQL easier: 


Mark Casson wrote:
i was absolutely convinced that i tried to escape the $ and it hadn't worked and got side tracked looking at other options . . . but yes, that indeed works perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

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Switch back to double quotes? :-)

$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "SELECT * FROM v\$sql WHERE INSTR(SQL_TEXT,'something')>0");

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Of course, the next problem is that i want to specify a line to find:

$stmt = OCIParse($conn, 'SELECT * FROM v$sql WHERE INSTR(SQL_TEXT,'something')>0');

and i seem to have to use single quotes in the INSTR function.

Is there an alternative way to deal with that?

Thanks again


""Mark Casson"" <confu...@icube.co.uk> wrote in message news:89.4e.33545.c2d30...@pb1.pair.com...

I am trying to access some of the v$ views using php on iis, with admin privileges.

However, using:

$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "SELECT * FROM v$sql");

gives me this error:

PHP Notice: undefined variable: sql . . .

Is there a way around this?



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