b == bran...@geronimoalloys.com writes:

 b> I'm fairly new to PHP but have a great deal of Perl experience for
 b> what it's worth.  I'm having a problem where if I try to use a
 b> parameterized query it fails but pg_last_error() returns nothing.  For
 b> example,

 b>   $result = pg_query_params($pgconn, $update, array($foo, $bar));

 b>   if (! $result) {
 b>       fwrite($fp, "before");
 b>       fwrite($fp, pg_last_error());
 b>       fwrite($fp, "after");
 b>   }

I should also mentioned with

  log_statement = 'all'

in postgresql.conf, nothing is dumped to the logs.  This tells me
pg_query_params() isn't passing anything to the postgres server.


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