d == danak...@gmail.com writes:

 d> Then you should put some debugging around the connection code.

 d> |$pgconn = pg_connect("host=localhost port=5432 dbname=test user=test
 d> password=test")| or die("Problem with connection to PostgreSQL:
 d> ".pg_last_error());

 d> So you can be sure that you are really connected. Also you can use
 d> pg_result_error()...

 d> $result = pg_query_params($pgconn, $update, array($foo, $bar));
 d> echo pg_result_error($result);

 d> or even pg_result_error_field().

I did have error checking around the call to pg_connect().  My problem
was twofold.  One, I had a typo in the connection string and two, I
wasn't properly passing the error message back to top level
application, so I wasn't seeing the error from pg_connect().

Stupid mistake.


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