Yes, I have read that documentation. I have other queries in this same program with a similar structure that do work. One of these is as follows:

$pg_pres_ins4 = pg_query_params("INSERT INTO \"brdgPresenters \" (\"peopleId\",\"presentationEventId\") VALUES ($1, currval('\"brdgPresentationsEvents_presentationEventId_seq \"'))",array($choose_name));

The above query works fine.

Part of the problem is that the currval function requires that the parameter be enclosed in single quotes. Because the person who created this database used the upper-lower case naming convention, postgres requires the datanames be inclosed in double quotes. I can either enclose the whole query in single or double quotes, but either way one of them will have to be escaped when using the currval function. I don't know if that's where the problem lies, but it certainly complicates the query more that it needs to be.

According to /, the syntax is as follows:
nextval('foo')      operates on sequence foo
nextval('FOO')      operates on sequence foo
nextval('"Foo"')    operates on sequence Foo

currval is analogous to nextval but works on the current value of the sequence and not the next value of the sequence. The third form is what I have to use because of the upper-lower case thing. I also tried the "returning" clause on my insert query, but that doesn't seem to work either.



On Jun 16, 2009, at 12:08 PM, Jason Gerfen wrote:

Jason Gerfen wrote:
Carol Walter wrote:

I'm using PHP 5 and PostgreSQL 8.3.6. I have a query that is failing and I don't know how to troubleshoot the problem. The error message that it is giving is quite vague. The error message is as follows:

Warning: pg_query_params() []: Query failed: ERROR: syntax error at end of input at character 156 in / home/walterc/ssl/PHP/km_input_test2c.php on line 631
ERROR: syntax error at end of input at character 156

The query that is failing looks like this...

$pg_pres_ins6 = pg_query_params("INSERT INTO \"brdgMediaCallsEvents \" (\"mediumId\", \"eventId\", rank) VALUES ((currval('\"tblMedia_mediumId_seq\"'), (currval('\"tblCallsEvents_eventId_seq\"'), $1)", array($ev_rank));
echo pg_last_error($pg_connection);

Whoops, ignore the last one I forget a single quote after the actual sql string

Perhaps try:
$pg_pres_ins6 = pg_query_params( $pg_connection, 'INSERT INTO `brdgMediaCallEvents` ( `mediumId`, `eventId`, `rank` ) VALUES ( \"val1\", \"val2\", \"val3\" )', array( "ev_rank" ) ); You need to read the document for this function because it looks like you were mis-using it.

It's quite possible this is something very simple and I'm just not seeing it. I commented out this query because I thought perhaps it was failing because it was the last query in the program. The previous query did not fail when it became the last one.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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