On 16 June 2009 15:57, Carol Walter advised:

> Hello,
> I'm using PHP 5 and PostgreSQL 8.3.6.  I have a query that is failing
> and I don't know how to troubleshoot the problem.  The error message
> that it is giving is quite vague.  The error message is as follows:
> Warning: pg_query_params() [function.pg-query-params]: Query failed:
> ERROR: syntax error at end of input at character 156 in /home/walterc/
> ssl/PHP/km_input_test2c.php on line 631
> ERROR: syntax error at end of input at character 156
> The query that is failing looks like this...
> $pg_pres_ins6 = pg_query_params("INSERT INTO \"brdgMediaCallsEvents
> \" (\"mediumId\", \"eventId\", rank) VALUES
> ((currval('\"tblMedia_mediumId_seq\"'),
> (currval('\"tblCallsEvents_eventId_seq\"'), $1)", array($ev_rank));
>   echo pg_last_error($pg_connection);

You have 2 more opening parentheses than close parentheses in that SQL
-- in both cases, the parenthesis immediately preceding currval should
be omitted.

Also, to ameliorate your quote hell, you might consider using a heredoc
yntax.heredoc) for this:

  $pg_pres_ins6 = pg_query_params(<<<SQL
  INSERT INTO "brdgMediaCallsEvents" ("mediumId", "eventId", rank)
  VALUES (currval('"tblMedia_mediumId_seq"'),
          currval('"tblCallsEvents_eventId_seq"'), $1)
                                 , array($ev_rank));



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