I am making a voting / rating application. I am working on the following query:

SELECT `cartoons`.`reference`, `cartoons`.`cartoon_title`, 
`cartoons`.`date_added`, IFNULL(AVG(`ratings`.`rating`), 0) as 'average_rating' 
FROM `cartoons` INNER JOIN `ratings` ON `cartoons`.`reference` = 
`ratings`.`content_reference` WHERE `ratings`.`content_type` =3 ORDER BY 
`cartoons`.`cartoon_title` ASC

I only get 1 result because IFNULL(AVG(`ratings`.`rating`), 0) is giving me the 
result of all the ratings every submitted where `ratings`.`content_type` =3.  
The '3' is symbolic of cartoons.  

What I am wanting to do is show on the web page a list of all the cartoons and 
their current rating.  

In my ratings table I have a content_type column to know what area of the web 
site is being voted of (3 for cartoons) and I have content_reference which 
referrs to the auto_increment value of cartoons.reference.  How do I be more 
specific with the AVG so I will get a rating for each cartoon in the table?


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