Stan wrote:
I did a "DELETE FROM picture" where "picture" is a table in my database.

Because this deletes all your records - so doing a select afterwards will find nothing.

Afterward, this piece of code does not generate an error
      $query = "SELECT * FROM picture p " .
                          "WHERE p.pictureFile='" . $pictureFile . "'";
      $thisRow =
              mysql_query($query, $pictures_connection);
      catch(Exception $e)
             echo 'caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage()."\n";
             $result = False;

an empty result set is fine - it means no records found. It will not generate an exception.

I'm not sure when mysql will generate an exception either, mysql_query returns FALSE if the query fails (see You then have to use mysql_error to get the reason why it failed.

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