Stan wrote:

If I change the test to "if(mysql_num_rows($thisRow) < 1)" it does what I

I guess if I want to understand why False was returned originally (just
after I created the database) I need to start over.

According to the docs mysql_query only returns false if there's an error.

Do I have 4 possible conditions here: 1) the mysql_query() function fails
and I get a PHP error, 2) the query fails at the server and I get False, or
3) the query doesn't fail at the server and I get "a result" that a) is
empty, or b) contains 1 or more rows?  Yes.

1) I'm not sure what you mean. If you try to run a query before having a connection (or not checking the connection is valid before running a query), then mysql_query will return false and php will throw warnings or notices (can't remember which).

2) Correct

3) Also correct.

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