I looked into this years ago for something I was doing, but don't remember 
looking for a solution in MySQL.

Just wanted to share that.. um.. I think it was with MS SQL Server.. there 
was a way to put a tag in your DSN connection string that would show up 
on the process list.  I don't know if that helps, but just to add to the 
list of "how *some* people do it".

Good luck!


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> Greetings!
> We are searching for names that might or might not exist in a 4 million 
> row db and have to do a lot of fuzzy searches that often don't return 
> results.
> I would like the use to have the option of killing a query process.  
> Since we are apt to have several queries running KILL QUERY doesn't seem 
> to work.  I would like to use KILL (process id) instead.  We can use 
> SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST to get a complete list of the processes, but we 
> need for the code to identify which one to kill.
> Here's the question:  How can I "flag" a particular query so it can be 
> identified from the array SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST generates?
> Thanks!
> - Ron

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