Hi all,

   I have some code that has to insert data into databases (DB2 AS400) coming 
from multilingual sources.

   The code on the Webserver is the same; that's why i can not use solution 
involving php configuration.

   For example: User 1 (English) logs into the application and submits some 
info (uploaded from an excel file); the program inserts it in the corresponding 
DB => OK.
      User 2 (Russian) logs in and submits his data => KO.

  I read the excel (Cp1251) fine but the insertion seems to be faulty 
(destination is CCSID 1025).

  I've seen db_client_info() function which tells the code page used; but how 
to set the code page before connecting (with db2_connect() ).

Thans in advance,


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