I am surprised by the order of the data returned from my stored procedure, and that it appears associated with the incorrect variables. Apparently the data is returned entirely positionally, without consideration for the variable names. So, the names of the OUT parameters in the procedure appear to be invisible outside of the procedure. Although I pass in variables with the same names as the Parameters, they are filled positionally - in the "wrong" variables - because in this case I had two variables reversed positionally. When I retrieve them using fetch_assoc, the wrong data appears in the result.

This contrasts with a passed in query such as "Select * From Table", which would have the data in the column names. My fetch_assoc would work properly with this same code, just changing to a simple query.

In other database I have worked with, the output of a stored procedure can be referenced by that procedures parameter names. The approach here has its advantages, but 1) it is not documented that way, and 2) it creates a dependency in the client code that is sensitive to the ordered position of the procedure parameters, rather than the name - which as noted, differs from the handling of simple queries. Oddly, this creates a situation where queries are preferred over stored procedures for stability - the opposite of normal design strategy.

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