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I am surprised by the order of the data returned from my stored procedure, and that it appears associated with the incorrect variables. Apparently the data is returned entirely positionally, without consideration for the variable names. So, the names of the OUT parameters in the procedure appear to be invisible outside of the procedure. Although I pass in variables with the same names as the Parameters, they are filled positionally - in the "wrong" variables - because in this case I had two variables reversed positionally. When I retrieve them using fetch_assoc, the wrong data appears in the result.

I'd probably find a more targeted mailing list (a specialized one for your database - whatever it is) and see if they can offer any suggestions.

My database is Mysql. The data seems to display properly there. I'm accessing the database with procedures that are part of PHP and that is where I believe the problem is. That's why I asked it on this "Newsgroup".

I got it to work by putting my parameters in the proper order. I know this is how function and procedure calls normally work, but the documentation of fetch_assoc() leads in another direction. It looks like the "Associations" are created within my php and not carried from the database for stored procedures. I wonder if PHP does this for all databases? I think this differs from "Select * From Table". Certainly could use another sentence in the documentation.

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