On Monday 03 May 2010 07:02:35 Chaitanya Yanamadala wrote:
> Hai
>  i have installed php in the cent os 5.4. the one which is installed is
> 5.1.6 now what i want to do is upgrade it to latest one 5.3.2, as i am new
> to linux environment it is quite hard for me to configure that, can any one
> guide me with this also one more thing is that i need to install zend
> framework in the same environment,
> any help would be greatly appreciate..

I have no experience with CentOS but I'm pretty sure it would have a package 
manager similiar to apt-get, or yum.

If CentOS uses RPM then you could go download php 5.3.2 off the web and then 
open a terminal and type:
root (to login as root)
password (enter root password)
change the directory to where you saved the file:
cd /path/to/where/the/file/is
rpm -Uvh ( enter name of the package that you downloaded here and omit the 
parenthesis )

David M.

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