This question is asked all the time -- the trouble is that the answer
is too personal to be of any use to you.

People's recommendations will change based on:
 -- experience (no programming vs. some vs. a lot),
 -- history (programmed in X, not in Y and vice-versa)
 -- age (young farts vs. we wise sages)
 -- educational background (technical vs. not and more)

What I used to tell me students (when there were only books) was this:
go to the book store:

 -- pick up a book that is coded to your self-assesses skill: beginner, etc.
 -- Look at the Table of Contents: does the language meld with yours?
 -- Go to the index: Try to look up something you are wondering about,
or a problem you have.
 If you can find pertinent information -- buy it

Try another one...


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