1.PHP Objects,Patterns, and Practice
2.Pro PHP Patterns, Frameworks,Testing and More

1.MySQL Cookbook

html/css no idea, I dont have good ideas of designing even if I become
fluent in css.But its handy to know css just how it generally works and
its place on the web....Anyways, dont listen to me, I am more of a
programmer rather than web-developer....So my first starting point was
PHP, and along the way I am becoming fluent on the rest of the web-tools.

Its nice I think to know your interests Server Side or Frontend.If you
intend to be Server Side Dev, then HTML && PHP && MySQL are the starting
point.....Frontend you should start off with CSS,HTML , Javascript.....etc.


On 10/18/2010 04:06 PM, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> Dear List -
> I posted part of this question on the general list.  I am posting here
> just in case this list did not see the post.  This should NOT be taken
> as any type of negative reference to the general list, the members of
> which have furnished me excellent help.
> Question:
> What books would your recommend to learn HTML/CSS, MySQL and PHP?  The
> books should start from the basic level and proceed to the
> intermediate/advanced level.
> Thanks.
> Ethan

Extra details:
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Hardware:msi geforce 8600GT asus p5k-se

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