Very much so. Thank you Bastien. I have never used an OUTER join before and didn't know it would be required for this project. Ron

From: "Bastien" <>
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To: "Ron Piggott" <>
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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Creating an INDEX on multiple tables?

On 2010-10-21, at 7:38 PM, "Ron Piggott" <> wrote:

I am still struggling with this query still although I have made great progress. The following query (below) executes successfully.

Right now the query returns no rows. I believe this is because there isn't automatically a record in the following three tables.

The bare minimum for a listing is only a record in he table `ministry_profiles`

Is there a way to modify this query to accommodate only a record in the table `ministry_profiles`


SELECT `ministry_profiles`.`reference`, `ministry_profiles`.`organization` FROM
( `ministry_profiles` INNER JOIN `ministry_profiles_listing_details` ON `ministry_profiles`.`reference` = `ministry_profiles_listing_details`.`ministry_profile_reference` ) INNER JOIN `ministry_profiles_activity` ON `ministry_profiles`.`reference` = `ministry_profiles_activity`.`ministry_profiles_reference` ) INNER JOIN `ministry_profile_categories` ON `ministry_profiles`.`reference` = `ministry_profile_categories`.`ministry_profiles_reference` ) INNER JOIN `ministry_categories` ON `ministry_profile_categories`.`ministry_categories_reference` = `ministry_categories`.`reference`
MATCH( `ministry_profiles`.`organization`, `ministry_profiles`.`address_line_1`, `ministry_profiles`.`address_line_2`, `ministry_profiles`.`city`, `ministry_profiles`.`province_state`, `ministry_profiles`.`postal_zip_code`, `ministry_profiles`.`country`, `ministry_profiles`.`telephone`, `ministry_profiles`.`toll_free`, `ministry_profiles`.`fax`, `ministry_profiles`.`email`, `ministry_profiles`.`website` )


Try using a left outer join from the table that has records. The inner join won't return any rows if one record in one table is null. A left outer join will take all records from the left (first) table regardless of data being null in the other rows.

Does that make sense?


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