On 22/10/10 13:31, Ron Piggott wrote:
Bastien (and others) I am still having one problem with this query I
don't know how to resolve:

When I add the category column: `ministry_categories`.`category` as part
of the MATCH () I receive the error:
"Incorrect arguments to MATCH"

I create the LEFT OUTER JOINs to allow additional columns to be part of
the MATCH. I have made this "category" column a FULLTEXT index in the
ministry_categories table. The query that produces the error is below.

You can't do a full text match across tables.

One of the previous suggestions was to union the results, you end up with something like

select field from t1 where match(field1, field2) against ('search term')
union all
select field from t2 where match(field3, field4) against ('search term')


though I don't know if that would work (I've never tried it).

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