On 1 March 2011 10:25, nagendra prasad <nagendra802...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have 2 simple php pages. One with the form just like some sales voucher.
> Another is to print in a proper format and to insert the form database into
> mysql. When I enter some data in the sales voucher everything is going well,
> however when it comes to the second php for inserting data into mysql I am
> getting an error like "Error: Unknown column 'scloth100_qty' in 'field
> list'". I have checked everything but not sure about the error. Please help
> me with it.
> Best,
> Guru.

You have some PHP code.

It is attempting to write to a mysql table.

One of the columns you've coded for doesn't exist. Maybe.

Can you show us the table structure and the exact SQL statement you
are executing please?


Richard Quadling
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