On Tuesday, March 1, 2011, Richard Quadling wrote;

> Can you tell me what column in the table is scloth100_qty? I can't find it.

The issue here is probably that you have some PHP code that is passing
a SELECT statement to MySQL and that SELECT includes scloth100_qty in
its column list. One debugging technique that I find useful in such
situations is to echo the query to the output web page. So, if your
original code was:

  $result_table = mysql_query ($query, $link);

Then you might try inserting the line:

  echo "<p>$query</p>";

immediately before the call to mysql_query, i.e.:

  echo "<p>$query</p>";
  $result_table = mysql_query ($query, $link);

You can then examine the actual query being passed to MySQL and work
backwards from there to correct the issue.



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