I figured out last night’s query .... and it’s a dozy.

The sub query

SELECT * FROM `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia` WHERE `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`live` =1 ORDER BY `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`date_added` DESC

puts the questions into descending order making the INNER JOIN link with the most recently added trivia question in each category. This gives me the desired results, I don't know if there is a way to stream line this or not.

SELECT Bible_trivia_category_reference , date_added , question_count , filename , created FROM (

SELECT `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`Bible_trivia_category_reference` , `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`date_added` , COUNT( `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`reference` ) AS question_count, `verse_of_the_day_bible_trivia_ready_made_handouts`.`filename` , `verse_of_the_day_bible_trivia_ready_made_handouts`.`created`


SELECT * FROM `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia` WHERE `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`live` =1 ORDER BY `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`date_added` DESC

) AS verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia

INNER JOIN `Bible_trivia_category` ON `Bible_trivia_category`.`reference` = `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`Bible_trivia_category_reference` LEFT OUTER JOIN `verse_of_the_day_bible_trivia_ready_made_handouts` ON `Bible_trivia_category`.`reference` = `verse_of_the_day_bible_trivia_ready_made_handouts`.`Bible_trivia_category_reference`

GROUP BY `Bible_trivia_category`.`reference`
HAVING question_count >= 10
ORDER BY `verse_of_the_day_Bible_trivia`.`date_added` DESC )

AS bible_trivia_handouts

WHERE date_added > created

ORDER BY Bible_trivia_category_reference ASC

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