I have been working on a class methods for some time now.


I have reached a cross road when it comes to common practice of developing
query structure.


Long ago I wrote queries where I  just called the field I wanted on a
particular table unless I was joining them.



$query = " SELECT id FROM Table WHERE Clause";   


Through time I developed a habit of queering as such.


$query = "SELECT tablename.id FROM db.table WHERE clause";



I have felt that, because my server contains multiple databases and I needed
to jump between databases and tables without changing the connector this
always has been best practice for me.


Someone recently told me,


I do not agree with your design of the queries.

There is no need to include the DB and table name in the query if you are
not joining tables.



While I have a very hard time understanding this response as being valid. I
will propose the question. 



Is it bad practice to write queries with the database and table name in the
queries even if I am NOT joining tables?

Is there an impact from PHP or MySQL that is caused by doing so?


I know this more a MySQL question but as PHP developers we all deal with
queries on a day to day bases, 

and when developing more flexible class methods I build the queries in the






Richard L. Buskirk

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