I need help creating a mySQL query that will select the correct introduction 
message for a website I am making.  The way I have designed the table I can’t 
wrap my mind around the SELECT query that will deal with the day # of the 

The part of the SELECT syntax I am struggling with is when the introduction 
message is to change mid month.  The reason I am struggling with this is 
because I haven’t used ‘DATE’ for the column type.  The reason I didn’t use 
‘DATE’ is because the same message will be displayed year after year, depending 
on the date range.  

What I am storing in the table is the start month # (1 to 12) and day # (1 to 
31) and then the finishing month # (1 to 12) and the finishing day # (1 to 31)

Table structure for table `introduction_messages`

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `introduction_messages` (
  `reference` int(2) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `start_month` int(2) NOT NULL,
  `start_day` int(2) NOT NULL,
  `end_month` int(2) NOT NULL,
  `end_day` int(2) NOT NULL,
  `theme` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  `message` longtext NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`reference`)

My query so far is:

SELECT * FROM `introduction_messages` WHERE 11 BETWEEN `start_month` AND 

11 is for November.  2 rows have been selected:

Row #1:
`start_month` 9
`start_day` 16
`end_month` 11
`end_day` 15

Row #2:
`start_month` 11
`start_day` 16
`end_month` 12
`end_day` 10

How do I modify the query to incorporate the day #?



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