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I've always been left wondering what Engine to use while creating tables, I've read quite a few times about the same on wiki, articles etc....but
haven't actually been able to decide.
I wanted to know whats the storage engine used on MySQL on big web
application, the application i am developing currently, is kinda really big and data intensive, we are looking at about 1,00,000 registration atleast
in the first few months, and their data lets say, each will have about
10-20 operations, accounts etc... So the data can get really big and
troublesome to maintain, I am more concerned about the data safety, as in
crash recovery or auto backups etc...
Basically, if the MySQL DB crashes, we sholdnt be at a loss, and all the
data till the very last operation should be available as a backup. Any
headsup on this please?

Vinay Kannan.

Maybe google MySQL innodb.
I think they have rollback and table locking.
As well as foreign key capabilities.

Limited exp. Sorry not much more help.


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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