Are you any closer to getting your solution to work yet? If not, could I ask for the general concept again? From what I can remember, You want to allow a user to upload a csv file which you will then put into a sql table. Additionally your code seems to be creating a new table for each file uploaded. Are these csv files each unique, ie, do they have different data contents as in different "fields" of information? Or do they all supply the same information in the same format. ( Hope you get what I mean.) If each file is different and each table is going to have different column names, how are these tables then going to be processed? You'll need different handlers for each table, no? And if each file is the same then why not put the data into separate records of the same table?

As I mentioned before - it sure seems like you are trying to do too many things at once. Concentrate on getting the client file onto the server with a unique name and THEN work on the next problem of putting it into a table if you must.

And if I am just entirely off-base, tell me to buzz off and I will leave this thread alone. I just hate to see someone struggling for so many days on something that seems so simple to me.

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