Not sure what you mean - "Program reads array". What program is doing is utilizing the FILES element to get the info about the uploaded file and proceeds to finish the upload by moving it to a temporary folder of your creation. Once that is done you HAVE the file under whatever name you want to call it in whatever folder you want it in.

Why don't you just do that part and then use some tool to look at your server structure to verify that you have the file.

NOW you can proceed with the rest, if you must. You're going to create a table with a column/field name matching the filename and then you'll put the contents of that file into that single column in one record of this table. So now you have a one record table with one column holding the contents of a file. How is this different from just having the file?

1 User uploads file
2 program reads array
3 program creates a table called $memberID.$filename  if not exist
($filename is column)
4 program uploads data into table/column

I am messed up at #2 for some reason so #4 fails.

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