On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 01:33:20 PM you wrote:
> I think you must be missing the '{}' brackets, or something, because
> with this added to the snippet from before:
> $sql = "INSERT INTO inventory(image, year)
> VALUES('{$_FILES['image']['name']}', '$_POST[year]')";
> echo '<h2>$sql = </h2><pre>'.PHP_EOL;
> var_dump($sql);
> echo '</pre>'.PHP_EOL;
> I get:
> $sql =
> string(58) "INSERT INTO inventory(image, year) VALUES('1.png', '2012')"
> which shows $_FILES['image']['name'] correctly interpolated to a string.

Sorry it took me a bit to get back with you, but your correct. This did work. 
Why was the brackets necessary? I thought that was what the single quotes 
were for. I'm thinking the brackets join ['image'] and ['name'] otherwise the 
query views it as 2 seperate queries. Correct? or were the brackets use to 
group it all together, but seperate it from the outer quotes?

David M.

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