On 9/19/2012 3:12 PM, Jim Giner wrote:
On 9/18/2012 8:52 AM, Bruno Sandivilli wrote:
Hi, i strugling to decide what is the best choice:

I have a 15 row x 3 columns Flash DataGrid, it means, for each row i
have 3
To represent this in my Database, I could:

    1. Create 2 Tables : A Values table - with 3 columns ; and a Bill
    (with 15 foreign keys, each one pointing to one row in the Values
    2. Create one Table with 45 columns (15 fields * 3 values for each

I want to know, wich is the best choice?
To manage my query, now i have a SELECT with a thousand of leftJoins.

This is the best choice?

How could I run a query wich will give all results linked, like:
( column_1_val_1, column_1_val_2, column_1_val_2,
   column_2_val_1, column_1_val_2, column_1_val_3,
  etc...) ?


I don't get it either.

You have 15 rows with 3 cols each.  So?  Display them.  Query them.  Big

What is the real difficulty here?  I'm not seeing it.

(I don't read it as 15x3x3 - at least that's not what he said since he
said 'for each row he has 3 values')
Continuing on - why is your visual structure at this point NOT the same as your physical structure? I don't think you're telling us what your real problem is here. We need more information. You have '15 row with 3 cols each', ie, 'each row has 3 values'. So - your table has 15 records in it, each with 3 columns. Add a key field to give each row an identity and that's it. No?

Sorry - but again - this post is not showing me a clear problem.

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