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Actually, you might find netbeans just all that for writing the HTML, CSS and JS stuff, too. I used Dreamweaver when it first came out and compared to the other sorts of things available at the time, it was pretty spiffy. But time has marched on, and creating HTML isn't something I want a visual editor for.

+1 for Netbeans.
I've used all the major IDEs that support PHP over the years. I keep coming back to Netbeans. (And ended up using it for Java and C/C++ as well, for small projects anyway.) As much as it is terrible, it is still that much better than the alternatives. I don't even have that many complaints about the most recent versions. I suggest it for newcomers to multiple teams I work with.

I did really like NuSphere's PhpED, but unfortunately that was only an option for me when I still dual-booted into Windows. (They say it runs fine in Wine, but major things like the code completion popup are either difficult or impossible to get working. Anyone from NuSphere listening? I want to pay you for a native Linux version like you used to have...)


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