Hi Experts,

A very good morning to you guys!
I need your help with something that I am working on currently, its a web
application for Workouts, I've been asked to include a work out schedule
calendar and I am not very sure as to how to proceed on the same.

Lets say there are about 100 members in the gym, and every one has a
workout schedule of their own, there might be a fixed number of sessions
some members might have paid for too, so when each of them see their work
out schedule, they see what is the plan that has been suggested to them and
how much of their course they already have covered, and how much effective
they think it has been.

I am getting stuck at the DB structuring part for this.
1) I can have all the different types of workouts entered into the DB with
the number of days / sessions thats included in a particular package.
2) and then when a member pays the fees eg: for 3 months (12 sessions) so
have 12 entries made into the DB and then map with the members attendance
and what he has done on that day.

But was wondering if this is an efficient way to do it, over a period of
time, there would be 1000s of members, who would be going to the gym for
decent period of time.
so eg: 1000 member attend the gym for 1 year (365), that makes the total
entries in the DB to be 1000s x 365 just for a year!

There has to be a better way of doing it!  Correct me if I am wrong please.
Any help is much appreciated!

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