Vinay Kannan wrote:
I am getting stuck at the DB structuring part for this.
1) I can have all the different types of workouts entered into the DB with
the number of days / sessions thats included in a particular package.
2) and then when a member pays the fees eg: for 3 months (12 sessions) so
have 12 entries made into the DB and then map with the members attendance
and what he has done on that day.

But was wondering if this is an efficient way to do it, over a period of
time, there would be 1000s of members, who would be going to the gym for
decent period of time.
so eg: 1000 member attend the gym for 1 year (365), that makes the total
entries in the DB to be 1000s x 365 just for a year!

With a relational database anything is possible ( you don't say which one but that really only affects fine detail and bells and whistles ).

You are going to have a table with members, one record for each. These will have the basics like when their next payment is due, or how many sessions per week ...

I would also imagine a database of 'facilities' a bit like room booking so you don't perhaps have more members booked in than you can cope with? In the absence of that you would at least have list of available activities?

A client visit would then be a combination of pre-booked or 'open' activities. So a table with a list of date/time/member_id/activity.

History would be a matter of just how long you want to maintain the information. My own systems manage activities relating to callers visiting an office, and we maintain history back many years, but if a 'caller(member)' has not been attending in the previous 2 years then their history is deleted. Actually it will still be maintained in backup files, but that is not directly accessible. Legally, the 'Data protection Act' comes into play here in the UK, but we have sites with over a million visits recorded over the past approaching 20 years, and the system still works as fast as when it was first installed :)

( I use Firebird but any of the options will handle your level of activity )

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