On 06/24/2014 01:55 PM, Jim Giner wrote:
Looking at your code again, I think that your query failed and your lack
of error reporting isn't showing the error that occurred when  you tried
to access a property of the result which is not a resource but merely a
value of 'false'.

One should ALWAYS check the result of operations before assuming that
they succeeded and proceeding onwards in code.  Saves lots of lost time.

Jim -


Error checking as per your instructions.
No errors.

Attached are two files.  I tried to mimic the behavior of the program.
One file does the data input and the second processes it.

The display on the browser screen is

select Cust_Num, Lname, Fname from Customers where Phone = '845-123-3298' here2here3
Last Name       First Name

When the above query is run from the command line -

mysql> select Cust_Num, Lname, Fname from Customers where Phone = '845-123-3298';
| Cust_Num | Lname  | Fname |
|        1 | Kitten | Gingy |
|     1153 | Puppy  | Woofy |
|     1154 | Puppy  | Woofy |



<<attachment: StartTestPh.php>>

<<attachment: TestPh.php>>

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