On 03/16/2015 12:08 AM, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
Is this a weight that is entered in by your friend or a weight that is grabbed 
from a database or a scale per chance?
If it is the latter, you don't need this form, just store the value some other 
way and incorporate into your other script that directs to this form.

Also, I noticed you spelt weight wrong.

value= 'WEIGH'

Could that be it or just a keyboard error in your mail program?
Did you copy and paste that code?


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

On Mar 15, 2015, at 11:02 PM, Ethan Rosenberg <erosenb...@hygeiabiomedical.com> 

Jayson, Karl -

It could be a bad variable, or lack of access to an include file possibly? Put 
some echo statements in right before and right after some major blocks of 
code... It will help narrow down the problem since it will show you where it's 
holding up. The. You can concentrate on fixing just that part instead of the 
entire site.

Done that already.  No luck

Also, if it is a matter of calling this script.

I have this in the program  --

echo "<form method= 'post' action='HandleWeight.php'>";
echo "<center><strong><input type = 'submit' value= 'WEIGH'></strong></center>";
echo "</form>";

I'm testing from a form, which previously worked perfectly -



Karl -

Thanks to you and all others that have replied.

With a little bit of patience [which I should have used previously], I reran the the program both with form and with the JavaScript. The program went to the next step [handleweight] BUT it took 5 min or more. So...Apache is slow. Any ideas??



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