I'm trying to install and run an abandoned PHP-based application (xrms
found on sourceforge.net last updated a decade ago) on Slackware-14.1
running httpd-2.4.16, php-5.6.24, adodb-5.14, and postgresql-9.3.4.

  When I try to load the install.php script in firefox-45.3 I see this

Syntax error in file:
ADONewConnection: Unable to load database driver

  That driver name is a softlink to adodb-postgres7.inc.php because the
calling script looks for that specific name and I've not found where this
driver is called.

  With no other PHP applications installed here I have no experience in
determining where this stoppage occurs. Pointers on how to isolate the
source of the problem, than how to fix it, are needed.



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