On 20/09/16 10:06, Lester Caine wrote:
On 20/09/16 06:16, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
Was probably a newb question, however, now it is saying that my database user 
is not allowed access.
I have a mysql connection inside my script that reads the database to get user 
email addresses to send a reminder email to.

Is there supposed to be a call or directive to load mysql in my command line as 
Man this is frustrating.

The user name and password you are using from the web scripts SHOULD
work in the script you are using on the cron job. Although mysql does
seem to have a few extra security features that cut in. Are they listed
in the script, or loaded from the environment ... which is of cause
different for the cron jobs ... and why you needed the full path.


is your MySQL database located on the machine itsself where you run the Cron job ? If so, does your Cron user have read/write/execute permissions on either the DB directory, and the DB itsself ?

Regards, Bert

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