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>> Date: Friday, September 23, 2016 03:28:47 -0500
>> From: Karl DeSaulniers <k...@designdrumm.com>
>> Ok, so I have run down all the possible things (that I know of)
>> that could be keeping this from working. I have checked with my
>> hosting service that:
>> 1. MySQL is accessible with the original user I started with (for
>> this case were using db123456) via ssh. 2. The cron is accessing my
>> php script fine.
>> 3. The cron is running the script and is attempting to access MySQL
>> but not allowing access still.
>> I tried running the script via ssh and it is timing out. No error
>> of not accessing MySQL, just telling me it is timing out.  This
>> tells me (I could be wrong) that it is in fact accessing MySQL and
>> that my calls to MySQL are making the script time out? What bothers
>> me is that the cron errors out saying access denied but ssh says
>> timeout error. Does anyone have any ideas for me to try at this
>> point? If I don't get this to work in the next couple of days, I am
>> toast!
> -- Try the mysql access and commands directly from the command
>    line (using the mysql cli).
> -- Put debug/print statements in your code so you can clearly
>    see where you are getting. 
>    -- This includes printing out your mysql statements so that
>       you know exactly what is being passed to mysql (both when
>       you run the script by hand and via cron).

Thanks Richard,
That got me thinking and I figured out my access issue... HALELUYAAAAA!

Now I am getting an error with mysql syntax.

cf.Order_ID = otn.Order_ID WHERE cf.Earliest_Pickup >= DATE(NOW()) AND 
cf.Earliest_Pickup <= DATE(NOW() + INTERVAL ".($Num_Days_Away+1)." DAY) AND 
otn.Order_Status != 'Shipping' AND otn.Order_Status != 'Completed'"

is giving me this error:
        You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds 
to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\"Shipping\" AND 
otn.Order_Status != \"Completed\"' at line 1

I think at this point my brain is fried and I am not seeing what is wrong with 
Can anyone point out my folly? My guess is it is an obvious one, but I am not 
seeing it.

Thanks again for your help everyone. I think I am almost there!


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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