Hi Rasmus,

What is the point of sending me this URL? I haven't said I don't know where 
to get snapshots. I don't know what they are. A list of zipped files 
doesn't tell me what thay are or what they do and there's no readme or any 
other info file there. I'm not going to waste my time downloading these 
files without some idea of the point of the exercise.


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Subject:        Re: [PHP-DEV] PHP 4.0 Bug #6821 Updated: Segmentation fault when 
opening a php test page


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> ID: 6821
> User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Old-Status: Feedback
> Status: Open
> Bug Type: OCI8 related
> Description: Segmentation fault when opening a php test page
> Haven't tried a newer version of PHP. What exactly would be the point of 
this exercise? Is there a specific change or area of change in the later  
 versions that could have an influence? If not then trying a newer version 
won't reveal anything about the problem.
> I haven't tried the snapshot either. To be honest I don't know what a 
snapshot is. I've searched the php site for info about snapshots and 
trawled through the FAQ. I've even searched the Zend site. There's nothing 
to be found. In the absence of info I don't want to waste my time 
downloading something that I know nothing about.
> Mark

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