Unfortunately I find it isn't at all obvious. It seems to me that a 
snapshot then is really nothing other than a form of mirror site. So why 
not just stick to calling it a mirror site? Plus how do I know if the 
snapshot includes any patches or not? (I think the word "latest" is not 
precise enough to convey this detail.)

The main problem I have with just trying a later version is that it doesn't 
demonstrate in any way whether a bug is fixed or not. Just because the 
symptoms disappear doesn't mean the bug is fixed, it could just be more 
deeply hidden and re-occur later.

Anyway, I'm sure the rest of the group is bored with these messages by now, 
if you wish to continue the discussion then please by all means do so but 
we'll keep it out of the group I think.


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 opening a php test page

It should be somewhat obvious what they are.  They are snapshots of the
current PHP code.  None of us want to spend time tracking down a bug that
has already been fixed and the quickest way to discover whether the bug is
still a problem is for you to let us know.


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