First of all my apologies for using this list.

I'm mantaining an Emacs-Lisp  mode (html-helper-mode.el) meant to deal
with  PHP/JSP/ASP where  for the  scritp blocks  the mode  narrows the
editing to the  block and activates another mode  with a language more
suited for the script.

Until now I used  C-mode for PHP but an user suggested  to use Perl. I
admit that  my knowledge of PHP  is "I know  it exist and had  time to
give it a brief  test" so I ask you :

What is better to use for editing PHP script blocks ?
     c-mode ?
     perl-mode ?
     Have I to write a new mode from the two above (if you can add
     some suggestion on this subject, thank you very much) ?

Again my apologies for disturbing you, but I think this is the place to
get an "authoritative answer". Thanks in advance.

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