> > I remember people talking not to long ago about PHP scripts
> > on Windows having their code revealed unpredictably. I also
> > remember the thing only seemed to occur on Windows... Has
> > any more been discovered/has this been resolved?
> The problem for PHP/Apache/Linux has been resolved, this fix will bein the
> upcoming 4.0.4pl1.

I would just like to add to this saying that it only occured under very very
rare circumstances (which is partaly why it took a while to track down).
Anyway the problem occured when you had multiple vhosts in httpd.conf with
one of them with php_value engine off in them, this config valuse somehow
propogated to the other vhosts, there is one very easy way to fix this
problem and that is to add php_value engine on in your default host
definition. This only effects PHP 4 under Apache module and when php
4.0.4pl1 is released in a few hours then more information on this will be
made avalible and will be posted in the appropriate places.

James Moore
PHP Quality Assurance Team

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