ID: 5686
Updated by: sniper
Status: Duplicate
Old-Bug Type: Misbehaving function
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
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[2000-07-20 02:36:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi. This bug is identical to bug # 4593 but I submitted it because it concerns the 
latest PHP build and a different OS.

The problem is: while using PHP4 it will randomly do things like:
Fatal error: Failed opening required '' (include_path='') in 
C:precisa.gob.mxwwwrootjaruzupdates.php on line 3

First the script it works fine. The error appears after maybe the 2nd or 3rd reload, 
and thereafter it will always give the error. Between the reloads, the scripts was NOT 
modified. There are also no error in the script. If I copy-paste the script and make a 
new .php file, it will work just fine at first, and after a few reloads it will give 
the same error.

This error concerns requires and includes.

The PHP setup is default. No php.ini file. Using as ISAPI module. Server is 


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