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Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
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[2000-07-20 14:29:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PHP 4.0.1pl2 running as CGI under IIS 5/Windows 2000 (the same is valid for IIS 4/Win 
NT 4)

system(), exec(), passthru() do not output any response of the command.

(it worked from version 3.0.12 thru 3.0.16)

for e.g. intranet applications this feature is pretty important, and it does work for 
unix platforms.
But we have to develop apps for both platforms due to certain conditions and we love 
PHP4 and would like to fully use it under WIN32 too.

Is this an item to be fixed easily? Do we have to stick to 3.0.16?

thanx & bye



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