ID: 6990
Updated by: zeev
Status: Closed
Bug Type: PHP options/info functions
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By the way - this was not a bug, but a missing feature.
This behavior was the intended (and AFAIK documented)
behavior - INI entries referring to dynamic modules had to
be written before the line that loaded the module.

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-15 09:43:26] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Fixed in CVS. Thanks for your very detailed report!


[2000-10-04 04:46:21] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Digging deeper, I find that if REGISTER_INI_ENTRIES() and UNREGISTER_INI_ENTRIES() are 
called from the RINIT and RSHUTDOWN functions respectively, there's no problem with 
the handling of ini entries.  But all of the extensions that ship with PHP which use 
these functions call them from the MINIT and MSHUTDOWN functions instead!  Is this a 
bug with the handling of the ini file, or is it a bug that's common to all of the 
existing PHP extensions? :)


[2000-10-03 06:53:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
There is a bug in the ini setting handling that surfaces when dynamic extensions are 
loaded in the system php.ini file.  It can be reproduced with php/apxs and any 
extension which is built as a shared module.  After the first request handled by a 
given process, PHP resets all ini values to the compiled-in defaults, and subsequently 
fails to reload the module-specific ini values from php.ini when further requests 

This bug ONLY affects module-specific ini values configured at the system level, and 
only when used with extensions that are loaded via php.ini.  It does NOT affect ini 
settings configured at the per-directory or user level (PHP_INI_PERDIR, PHP_INI_USER), 
nor does it appear when the extension is built-in or loaded by the user with the dl() 

Here is a basic PHP configuration that can be used to reproduce the problem.  This is 
not a real-world example, but it's sufficient for debugging :)

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-config-file-path=/etc/httpd 

Install and the module in the appropriate directories, and add 
these lines to /etc/httpd/php.ini:
session.save_path = /tmp/blee

Run Apache in single-process mode (httpd -X), and create a php script that calls 
phpinfo().  The first time phpinfo is loaded, session.save_path will have a local 
value of /tmp/blee and a master value of /tmp.  After that, it will always show the 
local and master value as /tmp.


Full Bug description available at:

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