AM>> more worrying, but how many people use the _readline_ module with PHP?

I do :)

AM>> I'm sure all two of them would find an alternative if it were to
AM>> disappear :-)

Actually, I did :)

As for now, I have NetBSD code (which appears to me as the most recent
version, though all other BSDs and even Debian have their own) of libedit
modified so that it can work as stand-alone library. I want to put it
somewhere in public place - I tried SourceForge, but they seems to have
been in hybernation, so if they don't enable new account in a couple of
days, I'll put it elsewhere. Then I'll try to make current extension
compatible with this libedit.

And, BTW, readline _is_ useful with PHP - simple script using readline
allows you to make a "PHP shell" - great way to test different things
without having to create 1001 files and being lost in them.
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