Zeev Suraski wrote:
> By releasing PHP 4.0 with the readline extension, we are *not* 
> violating any licenses.  

i still cannot agree here (from my legal understanding)
as long as readline is the only thing to implement this
interface the readline extension clearly qualifies as 
derivated work as it is in this case without doubt
ment to be working with and only with readline and useless
without it

i agree that if the BSD stuff is compatible with the GNU 
readline lib at the source level (prototypes and such) 
this would be different unless one distributes binaries

but this does not solve the general problem
so i'd suggest to either stay away from GPLed stuff 
altogether or solve the compatibility issues 

but trying to redefiny the terms of use others have
put on their code to fit our needs is a very bad idea

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