> OK. Look at a quick report. I've just installed php4-200101152345. It runs
> with mysql-3.23.27-beta. Apache 1.3.12, Solaris 2.6 (local host) and 2.4
> (remote connection).
> What I can see is: the offending messages didn't vanish at all (both hosts
> are involved):
> So, I think it's not fixed yet. Steven, you wrote about 99,8. I suppose
> every Apache process here makes this error while ending. I just see it.


Andi, I hope you are reading this.

I looked at the CVS, and my patch was not properly applied. Andi has it
looking through the non-persistant destructors, rather than the persistent
ones (meaning that plist_entry_destructor is identical to

In file zend_list.c replace the plist_entry_destructor definition with:

void plist_entry_destructor(void *ptr)
        zend_rsrc_list_entry *le = (zend_rsrc_list_entry *) ptr;
        zend_rsrc_list_dtors_entry *ld;

        if (zend_hash_index_find(&list_destructors, le->type,(void **)
&ld)==SUCCESS) {
                switch (ld->type) {
                        case ZEND_RESOURCE_LIST_TYPE_STD:
                                if (ld->plist_dtor) {
                        case ZEND_RESOURCE_LIST_TYPE_EX:
                                if (ld->plist_dtor_ex) {
        } else {
                zend_error(E_WARNING,"Unknown persistent list entry type in
module shutdown (%d)",le->type);


Steven Roussey

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