OK. Look at a quick report. I've just installed php4-200101152345. It runs
with mysql-3.23.27-beta. Apache 1.3.12, Solaris 2.6 (local host) and 2.4
(remote connection).

What I can see is: the offending messages didn't vanish at all (both hosts
are involved):

010116 20:52:30  Aborted connection 36021 to db: '***' user: '***' host:
`***' (Got an error reading communication packets)

So, I think it's not fixed yet. Steven, you wrote about 99,8. I suppose
every Apache process here makes this error while ending. I just see it.

Steven, thank you for your efforts. Hope you can fix even that. Please let
me know about patches: I'll happily test them. I'm not able to fix it by
myself, but I'd like at least be helpful.


[stuff deleted]

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